Our History

Baldomero Barrios - Founder

El Burrito Loco was born out of passion for amazing food and commitment to quality dining experience. Our founder, Baldomero Barrios, set out to combine his traditional upbringing from a small town in Mexico and his success as head chef in a popular suburban restaurant in U.S. to offer the best of both worlds to his diners. Admiringly named by his family and friends as “El Rey del Taco” (the King of Taco), Baldomero grew up working on farmlands and developing a wish to share his joy of great food with others. After marrying his wife, Maria Barraza Barrios, and moving to the United States, he continued to make progress towards his ultimate dream of opening his own restaurant.

Today, Baldomero’s authentic recipes combined with bold flavors and creative combinations have made El Burrito Loco one of the fastest growing family-owned Mexican chains in Illinois. Making an average of 200,000 burritos every month is a testament to El Burrito Loco’s lead in the best Mexican food in the entire state and beyond.

Visit one of our locations today and experience what all the buzz is about. While here, enjoy a refreshing horchata or relish a fresh meal cooked to your specification from our family to yours!

Adan Barrios - COO

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in entrepreneurial business management, Adan Barrios has worked diligently to reach where he is today. As Chief Operations Officer of El Burrito Loco, Adan has reduced labor costs by more than 10 percent while maintaining industry-leading standards in both customer service and profit margins.

As a graduate of DePaul University where he studied finance and entrepreneurial management, Adan developed a drive for business efficiency and effectiveness from a young age. Coupled with a diverse marketing background and a passion for developing personal relationships in both his professional and personal life, Adan’s experience has aided him in maintaining various long-term relationships with both customers and vendors.

With an eye for innovative, cost-effective marketing practices, Adan has helped El Burrito Loco grow as a dynamic dining experience, promising unsurpassed quality for clients of all backgrounds. His dedication to his family and their business have paved the way to the improvement of nearly every aspect of the El Burrito Loco experience with each passing year. Adan has been a proud part of cultivating a unique dining experience of unrivaled quality and convenience, building on 6 years of accomplishments with an eye for continued success in the future.

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